The Bachelor begins his romantic journey

Last year, Australia watched in shock as Georgia Love broke Matty J’s heart in the gut-wrenching final rose ceremony of The Bachelorette . The nation called for Matty, to get a second chance at love and tonight he did as we begin a new season of The Bachelor so buckle up.

As 21 beautiful Bachelorettes introduced themselves to Matty, the smitten Bachelor said: “In my head I’ve played out this scenario almost a thousand times but I never expected to be surprised time and time again by all of these incredible women.”

From helium balloons = and rhythmic gymnastics, to one entrance in a police car, each Bachelorette turned Matty’s head as they entered the mansion for the first cocktail party.

Under a sea of twinkling lights, Matty, 30, addressed the Bachelorettes with a heartfelt speech and host Osher Günsberg revealed a new place to enjoy time alone with Matty without interruptions: the secret garden.

Accessories designer Laura, 30, was the first to get time alone with Matty. But their time was cut short by the surprising late arrival of fitness trainer Elora, 27, who turned up the heat with her fire twirling and brought the Bachelorette count to 22.

More drama followed when property executive Elizabeth, 31, called marketing manager Jennifer’s dress “putrid”, leading to tears and division among the Bachelorettes. South Australian midwife Natalie, 26, was quick to lighten the mood when she passed wind, much to the disgust of Jennifer.

Victorian model Lisa, 24, was asked to join Matty in the secret garden, marking her as a major threat in the eyes of the other Bachelorettes. After impressing Matty with her police car entrance and man-handling skills, it was 31-year-old police officer Michelle who received the first rose.

Michelle was over the moon, saying: “I definitely feel a connection with Matty and I’m so happy to get time to discover that and explore what is between us.”

Heading into the first rose ceremony of the season, Matty had the challenging task of saying goodbye to two ladies.

Victorian medical receptionist Monica, 25, was the first to leave, saying: “There are a lot of big personalities in there so I definitely can’t compete with that.”

Queensland gym instructor Stacey, 26, was surprised, revealing: “It’s pretty devastating. Matty seems like a very nice guy. I wish he did get to see more of my personality. I would have shone. But I didn’t this time.”

The Bachelor continues tomorrow night, when Matty takes one lucky Bachelorette on the first single date of the season.