The Amazing Race travels to Africa

Shell no! It seems the teams came down with a case of Malawi Madness when they travelled to the heart of Africa for the ninth leg of The Amazing Race Australia.

For their first challenge, teams travelled to the Mgona Market where they needed to shell three kilos of peanuts in the traditional Malawian way, to receive their next clue.

But first, host Beau Ryan presented them with a must-vote U-Turn. Nuts! We know. Newlyweds Tim and Rod voted for Footy Mates Tom and Tyler, but much like the peanuts, their spirits were slightly crushed (and salty) when they learnt that all the other teams had voted for them.

The U-Turn meant that Tim and Rod needed to complete both Detours once they had shelled their peanuts, while other teams were able to choose between stitching two traditional shirts on a classic sewing machine or stacking bags of coal the Malawian way.

Still slightly traumatised from the bucket-carrying challenge, Joey persuaded his sibling Viv to break away from the pack and go with the sewing challenge. Although Tim and Rod flew through the coal challenge, they weren’t able to overtake Viv and Joey who finished stitching their shirts first.

Teams got down and dirty for the next challenge, building 50 clay bricks from scratch. Used to slinging mud on the footy field, Tom and Tyler were first to finish their bricks, leaving the other teams to rethink their U-Turn decision.

Next, teams needed to translate instructions spoken in African Chichewa, to find the location of a bag of puzzle pieces in the shallows of a lake. Once they had built their puzzle, teams would receive their next clue.

The Footy Mates and Deadly Duo Jasmin and Jerome were the first to assemble their puzzles. With seconds between them, Tom and Tyler were first to arrive at the Pit Stop, leaving Jasmine and Jerome regretting their U-Turn decision.

With fire in their bellies, Newlyweds Tim and Rod made the comeback of all comebacks to finish third. Siblings Viv and Joey were the last team searching the lake for their puzzle, and the last to arrive at the Pit Stop. Knowing they had given the day their all, the Siblings were ecstatic to learn they had been saved by a non-elimination round.