Australian Survivor: All Stars announces first cast

Australian Survivor: All Stars announces first cast

Australia get ready to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast all over again when Australian Survivor: All Stars premieres in 2020.

Spanning across all previous seasons, the game’s most iconic Champions and super fans, return for a slice of the scheming pie in the ultimate re-match.

With 24 Survivors up for the challenge, we’ve got you covered with fan-favourites to devious villains, most-loved heroes and everyone in-between.

We’re excited to introduce the first eight players ready to set their sights on the title of the ultimate Sole Survivor: Brooke, Flick, Nick and Phoebe from Season 1, Henry and Tarzan from Season 2, Mat from Season 3 and David from Season 4

Returning to a game they all think they’ve mastered, the players are in for a rude awakening. The challenges are harder, the alliances stronger and the blindsides more epic.

With more Australian Survivor: All Stars cast announcements to come, rest assured each player will have a score to settle. We’re not dubbing it the best of the best for nothing!

Australian Survivor is hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia

Australian Survivor: All Stars.

Coming In 2020.