The Amazing Race Australia kicks off

The Amazing Race Australia kicks off

Setting off from Melbourne on the trip of a lifetime, 10 teams were on the run to duke it out for the biggest prize in The Amazing Race Australia history. With not only $250,000 up for grabs, the winning team would also get their hands on two brand new cars – an Isuzu D-Max and an Isuzu MU-X.

Ripping open the first envelope, teams soon realised they’d actually be leaving the country and landing in Morocco. Racing as soon as they touched down, teams were faced with a spice tasting challenge, with some sharing answers to get themselves ahead of the pack.

Next up was the Detour which saw folding laundry the far easier task than guessing the price of dates. A few teams where nearly hung out to dry before heading to their first Road Block.

Faced with becoming a stunt person who walked across hot coals, leapt through fire and burst through a brick wall, all while dressed as a mummy, some faced their fears while phobias became all too real for Rachel.

Opting to take a penalty and pause for half an hour, Paul and Rachel moved on to a difficult riddle, only to meet Beau on the mat in last place, sadly leaving The Race on the first leg.

Tomorrow night we meet 10 brand new teams racing from Sydney and making their way through the markets of Marrakesh, all none the wiser The Amazing Race Australia has already begun.

The Amazing Race Australia.
Continues Tomorrow At 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.


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