Comunication is key on The Block

Comunication is key on The Block

Omar and Oz are having a sleep in and are on cloud nine after taking out another win with their bathroom.

At the Domain Open for Inspections Sharon is angry that Omar and Oz took out the win over their bathroom and there are tears. She claims that Omar and Oz copied Ronnie and Georgia from last year with their finger tiles and says the bathroom has no wow factor. Oz responds, “cry me a river,” to Sharon.

There is more going on behind the scenes with Sharon, she isn’t happy about her whole experience on The Block. This is despite the fact they have had positive comments from the judges the past two weeks.

There is tension building between Ankur and Sharon and their builder Liam. Both sides are claiming a lack of communication. Liam was on holidays for a week and Sharon didn’t let him know the results of bathroom week on Sunday night and he wasn’t happy. He needed to know to plan trades for the next week. Liam messaged Sharon at 330am in the morning his disgust and she was furious and said as much so in a reply to him. Sharon has been communicating more with their chippie Scotty, who was Ronnie and Georgia’s builder last year.

This year our contestants will get $20,000 from Suncorp for the Suncorp Gamechanger. Omar and Oz want to build a tennis court. Dylan and Jenny want to build a tiny house that could be used air bnb.

Keith and Dan visit Ankur and Sharon and Sharon is in tears. She is crying. Everything is so tough on The Block. They give advice to Ankur and Sharon, telling them they must stick together to get through it.

Scotty hosts the week’s Winners and Grinners dinner. It’s all going well until Sarah-Jane jokes that Ankur and Sharon are the worst painters. Sharon takes it the wrong way and said it’s rude and unnecessary. She calls Sarah-Jane rude and self-absorbed. Other contestants think Sharon is overreacting. Oz calls Sharon a princess.


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