The Amazing Race Australia begins

The Amazing Race Australia begins
South Australian siblings, Alana and Niko, are the first team sent packing, after failing to complete any of the challenges during the premiere episode of The Amazing Race Australia.

In Seoul, South Korea, 11 teams of hopefuls assembled at the start line where they were met by host, Beau Ryan who counted them down to begin the race of a lifetime.Scattering throughout the city, the contestants had to find their way to the top of Seoul’s iconic Namsan Tower and search the vast city below to locate their next destination.

Sisters Hayley and Mikayla were the first to find the clue, but weren’t stealthy enough to avoid the prying eyes of the other teams. Mighty Siblings Viv and Joey, and Footy Mates Tom and Tyler were hot on the sisters heels, pushing past them to become the first teams to exit the tower.

Meanwhile, Influencers Sid and Ash weren’t able to locate the tower entrance and spent close to an hour walking in the wrong direction, while Niko and Alan took a gamble, which saw them also travel an hour in the wrong direction. Their mis-fire put them considerably behind in the competition, and hours behind the pack.

Once they found their next clue, the teams were faced with a Roadblock – a challenge that only one team member can complete. Contestants had to master the difficult art of flyboarding in the Han River, before moving onto a Detour. And yes, this is where Sister Judy officially became “The Flying Nun”. 

Upon earning their next clue, teams were presented with a Detour, where they had the power to choose between competing in the Korean sport of cup-stacking, or fill and fold 50 dumplings, approved by the Head Chef at the iconic Gwangjang Markets.

Tom and Tyler were first to tackle the cup-stacking, which they soon learnt was not as easy as it looks. Some fumbling saw Tyler lose his cool more than once, as he felt their lead slip away. After multiple attempts to stack the cups in under eight seconds, they finally earned their next clue, but had Viv and Joey and Hayley and Mikayla hot on their tail.

After navigating through a busy marketplace, Newlyweds Tim and Rod were the first to arrive at the dumpling shop, but it was Sid and Ash who made the biggest impression: stealing dumplings from the Nuns so they could get ahead of the pack.

After successfully tackling the cup-stacking, Tom and Tyler sprinted off to find Beau and were the first to make it to the Pitstop and stake their claim on the world’s biggest race.

However, after trailing hours behind their fellow teams, heading in the wrong direction and failing to complete a single challenge, Alana and Niko were the last team to locate Beau and were eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia.