Schapelle Corby Speaks to Studio 10 tomorrow

Schapelle Corby Speaks to Studio 10 tomorrow

In her only television interview, convicted drug-smuggler Schapelle Corby will appear exclusively on Studio 10 tomorrow.

The woman who divided Australia and had the world second-guess travelling with a boogie board, will sit down live with the Studio 10 team where no topic is off-limits.

In 2005, she was sentenced to nine years in Bali’s notorious Kerobokan Prison. Now, over four years since her release from prison and two years since touching back down in Australia, she is releasing her updated autobiography Schapelle Corby: My Story, first published 13 years ago alongside author Kathryn Bonella.

Live and in her own words, one of the country’s most infamous and intriguing women will share more than ever before. What will she reveal?

Did Bali Nine’s Renae Lawrence really attack her physically and mentally? How has she adjusted to life back on Australian soil? How is her long-distance relationship with Indonesian boyfriend Ben Panangian? Plus, if Schapelle won’t consider becoming The Bachelorette, is any other reality TV show on the cards?

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