Tens returns old Faves to Super Sunday

Ahead of Ratings kicking off on Sunday Channel Ten Locks  in an all new line up.

There are new episodes of The Simpsons, Bondi Rescue Modern Family, MasterChef Pro and Elementary and Grahem Norton

6:00 The Simpsons

MOONSHINE RIVERSeason 24, Episode1

Guest Starring: Zooey Deschanel

In an ode to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, this episode sees The Simpsons break out of Springfield and head
back to New York.
When Bart teases Lisa about bringing Millhouse as her date to a ball, she quickly points that he’s
there all alone. Desperate to find a girl that truly understands him, Bart seeks out all his old flames
searching for ‘the one’


6:30 Bondi Rescue

Kicks off its 8th season   For the first time ever their story will be told in their own words. Through “master” style interviews, the lifeguards are personally taking viewers on their journey, from mass rescues to resuscitations

and shark sightings, along with the other weird and wonderful encounters dished up by Bondi.
Millions of people visit Bondi every year, with as many as 40,000 hitting the sand in a single day.
Standing guard over this ever- changing cast of colourful characters is the team of real- life heroes,
Bondi’s lifeguardsS.

On tonight’s show, the boys try to locate a missing 10- year-old girl named Jennifer who is visiting Sydney from Shanghai. They spring a couple who have been stealing bags along the beach and 63 year old Harry faces the yearly fitness test required to remain a working lifeguard. Can he pass the difficult swimming course to secure his job for one more year?

7:PM Modern Family

Resumes from  season 4 episode 9 When a Tree Falls which aired in the us in November

With some urging, Mitch joins in Cam’s efforts to save an old tree in the park, but just how far will they
go? Jay and Manny are each pushed beyond their comfort zones when they attend a kid’s Olympics themed birthday party.Claire brings Gloria along on a Costco run, but with a “pregnancy brain” in tow, it makes for quite an eventful trip



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