Ten set to build an Empire on Sundays

Ten set to build an Empire on Sundays

One of the best new shows to come out of the US is coming to Ten and you might want to set your PVR for it. 

Musical drama Empire which has been named the no 1 new US show and had it’s ratings improve week on we/ek is well worth checking out.

Musical legend Lucious Lyon has had a meteoric rise from teenage drug dealer to the head of Empire Entertainment. He credits music with saving his life and he has just taken the company public with a promise that it will be a haven for young musical artists.

When he is diagnosed with a fatal illness, Lucious announces to his three sons that he has to pick a successor, but who will it be? His youngest, the brash and commercially successful Hakeem, or his middle child the sensitive and brilliant musician Jamal, who is gay, much to Lucious’ disapproval? Or perhaps he will pick his eldest, the cool and calculating Andre, who has business sense but no musical talent.

Each of them must prove to Lucious that they have the skills to lead the company, before he makes his decision. Things become further complicated when Lucious ex-wife, Cookie, is released from prison and demands half the company.