My Kitchen Rules farewells Gina and Anna

My Kitchen Rules farewells Gina and Anna

Canberra’s most outspoken home cooks, Gina and Anna, are the first team to be eliminated from My Kitchen Rules in 2015.

The mother and daughter duo were the last to cook in the Group 1 round of instant restaurants and despite being overly confident and critical of other team’s cooking abilities, they failed to deliver with their three-course meal.

The disasters started early in the “Aquazure” restaurant with their salt and pepper flathead entrée being overcooked and lacking the star salt and pepper flavour. Judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel scored it just 4/10.

And the main didn’t get any better. After a disaster with their gnocchi, Anna decided to throw away the potato and abandon plans altogether. Gina almost ruined the ragout by adding extra tomato paste to bump up the flavour. Left with just a duck ragout, mum Gina steps in to suggest a pasta to accompany their lacklustre dish. But despite all the effort to salvage the dish, and the incredibly long wait for their guests, it still fell flat with the judges and was awarded just a 3/10 from Pete.

Dessert only puts a nail in their own coffin, with their pastry being overcooked and the dozen prunes on top of their crème patissiere tarts off-putting for their diners.

Scoring just 2/10 from Pete and 4/10 from Manu, Shaz said she felt like she was going mining trying to crack through the rock of a tart case, while Ash said: “I love a prune. But I don’t love 10,000 on a dessert because that calls for disaster later on.”

 For their efforts, they were scored just 18/50 by their fellow teams.

“This is a nightmare and it’s just embarrassing,” says super competitive Anna who insists We are more driven than ever to get out there and see what we can do and show people what we’re really capable of.”

Tonightg group 2 enters the competition with Queensland best friends Sheri and Emilie first up in the kitchen in what wil be a\very exciting group.

My Kitchen Rules airs Sunday 7.00pm and Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on Channel Seven.