Ten screens David Attenborough: The Himalayas

To fill the gap left by Masterchef Ten will screen the 2010 documentary David Attenborough: The Himalayas  next week.

The most massive mountain range on Earth supplies humanity with many remarkable gifts, from pets and perfumes to religion and rice. A surprising variety of creatures have also made the Himalayas their home.

The Himalayas stretch 2,000 miles across Asia, a formidable wall of rock and snow with peaks five miles high, beyond air and warmth. But this is not the harsh inhospitable wilderness it seems. From mountaineering monkeys and leopards to snakes and spiders, the mountains support an amazing amount of wildlife.

Journeying from West to East and following the seasons, David Attenborough begins in Pakistan, in winter. A snow leopard chases a markhor sheep, wolves hunt for frozen bodies in the snow and golden eagles soar above searching for prey. As ice slowly slides down the mountains, Hindu pilgrims take a bath in the melt water, worshipping the mountain and the water as a source of life.

7:30pm Monday September 2, on TEN