Master Chef Finale Week Top 5 Mystery Box

Master Chef Finale Week Top 5 Mystery Box

It’s finally finals week on Masterchef and if that’s not reason enough to be excited I don’t know what is.

After everyone has said the usual, it’s time to finally get cracking and do some cooking. When the contestants arrive in the kitchen we see the mystery boxes. Every day this week the contestants are cooking solo and without any safety nets they will all cook everyday- no immunity.

Today will consist of two rounds The first of which will be a mystery box chosen by the contestants and judges. The contestants picked Chili Chocolate (Christina), Prawns (Rishi), Espresso coffee beans (Emma), garlic (Lynton) and Pomegranate molasses (Samira) because the contestants would like to cook with those ingredients. The other five were picked by the judges to best describe the contestants. For Emma its kale, Samira cooks with nuts, Rishi with prawns, Christina with onions and Lynton with the kangaroo.

They have 60 minutes to cook a dish and the winner will have an advantage in the invention test later. As time begins Christina struggles to choose a sweet or savoury dish. Samira has decided on her dish which is garlic and chilli prawns with a Pomegranate molasses and kali puree.

Everyone seems to be going well. Rishi is doing pomegranate and chilli prawns with onion fritters. He wants to make garlic and chilli mayonnaise as a sauce for his dish but he doesn’t have mustard. As a substitute he decides to add more oil. Lynton is doing kangaroo with lemon vinaigrette and some juice. He is doing charred onions as a béchamel base. Lynton confess he’s never done with it but he’s taking a risk. The judges are perplexed and make him nervous and he’s lost.

With 45 minutes left Christina has just decided to do a chili chocolate Ganache. Emma is doing kangaroo with kale three different ways as a puree, crisps and salts. Rishi is on track but his mayonnaise has split and he doesn’t have the ingredients to do it again. Lynton is sticking to his guns and doing his dish his way. Samira accidently puts too much crème in her puree and turns it into a soup. Christina is blind baking her tarts with 15 minutes left so hopefully she will get a dish up. Rishi is doing an almond puree to complement his dish. Emma’s kangaroo is cooked perfectly while Samira hopes her prawns will cook all the way through with resting time. With this time is called and judging begins.

Samira is first with her Kale Soup with Marinated Prawns. Unfortunately her prawns are raw so they can’t taste the dish.

Rishi – Chilli Prawns with Almond Puree and Onion Fritters are praised for their texture and flavours and being crunchy.

Lynton’s Pan seared kangaroo with Kale Sauce and Charred Onions dish got a mixed reaction because the use of kale and onions make it too bitter.

Christina’s Chilli Chocolate Tart with Almond Praline Crumble is loved but she needed to use her time better as one tart in sixty minutes is not enough.

Emma’s kangaroo and kale three ways dish is cleared instantly they loved it so much they didn’t care about the presentation.

Christina and Samira are the bottom two while Emma wins the challenge. As a reward she will choose the protein for the invention test. Her options are barramundi, Rib eye beef, duck and squid. Before she chooses we are told there is an open pantry and 60 minute time limit as a result of that she chooses the barramundi. Christina seems pleased but the rest of them look like they are gonna go crazy.  Emma idea which included pips and muscles needs to be changed as they aren’t in the pantry.

Lynton is doing a crispy skinned barramundi with leak cream and corn broth because they don’t go with fish and he wants to blow their minds. Everyone seems to be going well with 45 minutes left.

Christina is doing a crispy skinned barramundi with Mushrooms and Bacon Broth the judges love the idea. Rishi is doing a barramundi tagine and he needs to get a move on with his sauce as it takes 30 mins to cook. Samira is doing Crispy Skin Barramundi with Parsnip Puree, Spinach and Pickled Vegetables the judges remind her not to overcook it. Emma has changed her idea to a – Crispy Skin Barramundi with Leek and Potato Puree and Beurre Blanc. As time goes on Samira’s dish is going well. Most of the vegetables and puree are done. Emma is cooking her fish but her beurre Blanc sauce is needs to be more acidic. Lynton thinks his fish needs more time despite looking cooked. Samira’s fish is cooked

With 1 min left Emma’s dish is empty so the mad scramble is on to plate up she’s not happy and frazzled and sets something on fire. As time is called her dish is plated up but she remembers it’s an invention test.

First up is Rishi’s dish. The fish is cooked beautifully and the skin is crispy he will win the invention test as long as someone doesn’t do something more tricky. Emma is next she concedes she didn’t invent anything the judges still love it though. Samira dish is cooked beautifully they can’t fault it at all. Lynton dish is called clever his fish is just a little overcooked but his flavours are spot on. Christina dish gets a boom so they loved it. As a result the top 2 are Christina and Samaria. Due to her complexity of flavours Samira wins a huge advantage into tomorrow’s elimination.




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