Ten Rebrand promises TV with a Twist

Tonight Ten has begun a brand new era with changes having already begun on screen

Ten has given themselves a zhoosh, a spruce-up, a good old-fashioned make-over and their feeling fresher, bolder and brighter than ever.

Amanda Keller saying about the new look…

“I knew 10 had something done,” Amanda said. “Was it a facelift? A bulldog clip at the back of the neck? New Spanx? It certainly didn’t look like this yesterday. It just looks fresher. And as for that new colour, I’ll have what 10’s having.”

The best news? It’s not just 10 that’s getting an upgrade, but the whole family. Say hello to 10 Peach (formerly ELEVEN), our “cheeky” little sibling with effervescence in spades, and 10 Boss (formerly ONE), the channel with attitude. We also have 10 Daily, 10 Play and – very soon – 10 All Access.

Network 10 CEO Paul Anderson said: “We have changed things up and not only do we have sparkling new looks and brands for 10, 10 Boss, and 10 Peach in 2019, with the imminent launch of 10 All Access and other big initiatives the time is right to connect the whole family of Network 10 platforms and channels. “We are the adventurous alternative, the network that has always taken risks and
tried new things – always with a sense of fun and with content that really engages with our under-50s audience.

“Our aim here is simple: make our brands more distinctive, give them stronger cutthrough in a hyper-competitive media sector, ensure greater consistency across our family of brands, strengthen our already deep engagement with audiences, and underline our entertainment credentials. If you cut out the jargon, what this means is that TV’s wild child has its voice back,” he said.

As part of the new look across the network, 10 Boss will target audiences over 40 with programming driven by bold, self-confident characters, while 10 Peach will chase 16-to-39-year-olds looking for feel-good, escapist entertainment.

The new look and branding for 10, 10 Peach, 10 Boss and the rest of the family were driven by Network 10’s in-house design team and the design and marketing gurus at Principals.
Principals’ Executive Creative Director, Simon Wright, said: “So much of this brand refresh project was about helping 10 find its mojo again.

“We worked closely with the brilliant in-house team to celebrate escapist entertainment. Across design, naming and writing, we’ve created a stronger, more unified brand expression to get 10 back to what it’s always done best – being as fun as the programs it shows.”

THEN                                                                                                 NOW

Network Ten                                                                                        Network 10

TEN                                                                                                    10

TEN HD                                                                                              10 HD

ELEVEN                                                                                             10 Peach

ONE                                                                                                    10 Boss

tenplay                                                                                                 10 Play

tendaily                                                                                               10 Daily

TEN Eyewitness News First At Five                                                  10 News First

TEN Sport                                                                                          10 Sport


If you are curious, the content on 10 Boss and 10 Peach will include:

10 Boss

10 Peach

Madam Secretary

Judge Judy

Law & Order: SVU


NCIS: Los Angeles

CSI: Miami



Walker, Texas Ranger

Formula 1




This is Us

Posh Shop Frock

Stage Mums

Sex And The City


The Loop


The Flash

Will & Grace

Two And A Half Men

100% Hotter