Ten Locks in the Biggest Loser

Yet again Ten starts their Key programming during the Australian Open but with the success of Big Bash it might just work.

First off the very impressive programing slate is The Biggest Loser Challenge Australia In the shows ninth season the show will put the the issue of regional obesity back on the agenda, The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia heads for the regional Victorian town of Ararat, which has been dubbed one of Australia’s most overweight towns.

Under the guidance of trainers Michelle, Shannan and Commando, the new series will focus on the people of the town as they change their old habits and work hard to achieving their weight loss goals.

At the same time, 14 Ararat residents who have been selected as town champions get the opportunity to train and compete in The Biggest Loser house with the aim of raising money which will contribute to a healthy living legacy for their home town.

Tune in for what promises to be a compelling year of twists and turns, heroic challenges, high emotion and gripping events as we witness an entire community changing for the better.

The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia Premieres Sunday, January 19 at 6.30pm on TEN.