Teams Ride The Mexican Wave

Teams Ride The Mexican Wave

et’s taco bout what went down in tonight’s excellent episode of The Amazing Race Australia.

Teams travelled from Belize to Campeche in the Gulf of Mexico. When in a new country, it’s always important to try the local delicacies, but our teams weren’t ready for this menu. One member of each team was blindfolded and dined on a Tarantula, Hissing Cockroach, Scorpion and Crickets. 

At the piñata challenge, Lauren and Steph were bang on target, finding the specially marked lolly quick smart. Fast forward four hours, Kelly and Georgia were still lolly-less, deciding to take a time penalty and hoping to never be invited to a five year old’s birthday party ever again.

At the next challenge, the teams’ attention to detail was put to the test, having to memorise colours of the local buildings and sort the matching cards into a specific order. A handful of teams nailed it after some trial and error, but then had to work together with a larger group to get to the next stop when their navigation systems decided not to work.

Using fibres from their recently harvested henequen plants, teams had to make five metres of rope. With only one working rope machine, most teams needed multiple attempts, but knot Pako and Mori, who managed to learn the ropes ahead of the pack.

All Roadblocks are not created equal. This one saw teams free diving to the bottom of a stunning, naturally occurring, sink hole. For Chelsea, there was no time for enjoyment thanks to her fear of water, but after several attempts she threw herself into the deep end and managed to retrieve the clue.

Teams then raced their way to the Pit Stop, where Pako and Mori took out first place only to be told it was a Virtual Pit Stop and they needed to keep racing. Chelsea and Jamus came in last but thanks to the non-elimination leg, they lived to race another day.


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