Hellway Week continues to Bite

The Block has become one huge mud pit as the weather continues to be a punish.

Omar and Oz are really struggling this week, lots of shut downs and arguments with Foreman Dan.

Hell week is huge and there are some massive hallways. This includes Dylan and Jenny, who have a 40 metre long hallway.

Rachel is in bed sick with the flu. As well as the weather, flu and Covid is also affecting The Block with lots of trades sick.

Omar and Oz have a major drama after their tiler was kicked off The Block for not having a correct certificate of currency. 

At Scotty’s house,  builders and former Block contestants Duncan and Spence are really happy with how things are coming along with Scotty’s hallway and powder room.

Oz and Omar are struggling to find a tiler at the last minute, they end up finding one much to their job.

Scotty and Shelley do their walk arounds, one of the findings from the financial audit was that Sarah-Jane spent Block money on personal items including cigarettes. She owns it and will pay it back.

At Ankur and Sharon’s, Scotty eludes to the fact they pair are having budget problems as they try to finish their hallway, which he and Shelley describe as “dramatic.”

Foreman Dan isn’t happy with House No. 1 and Tom, for their lack of respect around their CSR sponsor product which is left hanging in the rain.  Tom takes the call from Dan at the pub, where he is having lunch every week.

Last year’s winners Mitch and Mark arrive on The Block and meet everyone, making an entrance of course.

Freedom Kitchens can’t do some of the cabinetry at Omar and Oz’s house and Bryce from the organisation is devastated. It’s just impossible to deliver in the time frame.


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