Taskmaster Season 2 Review

Taskmaster Season 2 Review

This week, 10 dives into a new season of Taskmaster.

For the uninitiated in the joys of Taskmaster, each week tough-love Taskmaster Tom Gleeson, along with his trusty sidekick Tom Cashman, the lesser Tom, sets a group of well-known comedians a bunch of weird and wacky tasks.

This season, those comedians include Anne Edmonds, Jenny Tian, Josh Thomas, Lloyd Langford, and Wil Anderson.

In the opening episode, there are five tasks for our comedians to tackle, including making chess cool and catching hot chips while wearing a seagull helmet.

Each episode culminates in a live task, with points accumulated across the season until a winner is announced, scoring a trophy and the glory of being Australia’s next Taskmaster winner.

Gleeson continues to be the perfect host, providing plenty of laughs as he interacts with the contestants upon seeing their task results. Cashman is as charming and assuming as his assistant in overseeing the tasks, and the new batch of comedians are a joy to watch.

4.5 Stars

Taskmaster premieres Thursday at 7:30pm on 10


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