Farmer Joe finds happiness 

Farmer Joe finds happiness 

Tonight Farmer Joe found the girl of his dreams, selecting Sarah in the Farmer Wants A Wife finale.

Joe admitted: “This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made,” before acknowledging country-girl-at-heart Sarah had all the qualities he was looking for in a partner.

Joe declared: “I love the person you are. I love how strong and determined you are.”

In starting the next chapter of his life on the farm, Joe recognised the path to love isn’t always smooth: “It hasn’t always been easy with us. We’ve had some tough times. I’ve sometimes felt that you’ve pulled away. But I also know that you can be a shy person and take your time to get to know people.

“I also like that you challenge me. I don’t have all the answers for us, but I do see myself falling for you in the future. I want to tackle the future with you by my side, and us as a team. 

“I’m looking for someone who doesn’t need me, but who wants me,” Joe professed before asking Sarah if she wanted to come back to the farm with him.

Excited, Sarah replied “absolutely” before the happy couple sealed it with a kiss.  

Disappointed, Keely said: “I was definitely hoping for a different outcome. It will take a moment to be okay, but I have been here before, so I know I will be okay. It is disappointing because I’m not his person.”

Also tonight, Farmer Wants A Wife lovebirds Farmer Andrew and Jess – who met on the show in 2021 – walked down the aisle in Bermagui, joined by Joe as his best man, cementing their happy ever after.  

Sunday night at 8:30 on Farmer Wants A Wife: One month since most of them made their final decision, our farmers have returned to where it all began. Who is still together? Who has found true love? Who is talking marriage and babies?


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