Taskmaster Australia Review

<strong>Taskmaster Australia Review</strong>

This week, 10 premieres its highly-anticipated local adaption of Taskmaster.

For those who haven’t heard of the format, five funny famous faces complete tasks for our amusement.

Each week, tough-love Taskmaster Tom Gleeson, and his trusty sidekick Tom Cashman, set the season one cast through a series of challenges, each more mind-bending and head-scratching than the last. Taking on the challenge this season are comedy veterans Julia Morris and Luke McGregor, TikTok sensation Jimmy Rees, and funny ladies Nina Oyama and Danielle Walker.

In the first episode, there are five tasks, most of which are pre-recorded, and range from removing a balloon from a caravan without stepping in it, or touching said caravan. Then everything is wrapped up with a live in-studio task.

Their efforts are then judged in the studio by the Taskmaster, who awards them between one and five points. The contestant with the highest score in each episode wins a collection of prizes, which are actually from the first introductory prize task in which each contestant supplies an object that fits a theme.

The points will accumulate as the season progresses and the winner of the season scores a trophy and the glory of being Australia’s first Taskmaster winner.

Gleeson is the perfect choice for the role of Taskmaster given his style of comedy pulls no punches and isn’t afraid to call out the comedians for their efforts. Cashman balances him out perfectly, making them a great hosting duo.

Part of the appeal of the format is seeing how each of the comedians thinks of their feet to complete the whacky tasks, and each is extremely entertaining.

The first episode offers plenty of laughs and fun and is well-paced.

Taskmaster is a fun hour of TV that shouldn’t be missed.

4 Stars

Taskmaster premieres at 7:30 pm Thursday on 10.


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