Married At First Sight Love Stories Begin

Married At First Sight Love Stories Begin

Another season and another dose of love and drama! Two weddings with two very different outcomes – but before that, we meet the hopeful singles at their Bucks and Hens nights.

The new brides- and grooms-to-be are ready and excited to embark on the MAFS experiment – hopeful the Experts will help them to find true love and provide them with the tools required for a healthy, meaningful relationship.

The first wedding of the series is full of romance with Lyndall and Cameron. Having been born with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), Lyndall always knew her life expectancy was around 30, so she had given up on the idea of ever getting married or having children. Everything changed when a miracle drug came along that extends the life expectancy for CF sufferers, so now Lyndall can make finding love her number one priority. Her groom Cameron is a go-getter who works in remote Indigenous communities ‘out bush’ in the NT. He has a zest for life that will be a great match for Lyndall.

Their wedding is like a fairy tale as these two have instant chemistry from the moment they meet, like something from the pages of The Notebook.

The reception only goes on to highlight their successful matching as Cam meets the parents and Lyndall reveals her CF journey. Amazingly Cam knows all about CF as he lost a friend to the disease. This bonds them even more deeply and they end their wedding day with a dance and a kiss.

Meanwhile, Bronte has been matched with confident alpha male, Harrison. Harrison believes any woman would be pleased to see him at the end of the aisle, and he’s right with Bronte – she is beaming as she sets eyes on her husband, the chemistry between the two is palpable.

The reception begins as a happy affair, with Bronte and Harrison’s attraction deepening and everyone gushing over their perfect union. That is, until one of Bronte’s wedding guests, Jess, makes a beeline for Bronte – she knows something about the groom.

Jess reveals to Bronte that she knows a girl who lives in Sydney who has been dating a guy until very recently… and that guy is none other than Harrison. 

Bronte is devastated. She confronts Harrison who justifies the rumour with the excuse that he’s “been dating multiple women at the same time; I was a single man in Sydney!”

Bronte accepts his excuses but is worried, she doesn’t want to get hurt and her head is left swirling as the night ends…


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