Sydney loved The Walking Dead Event

Sydney loved The Walking Dead Event

This sounded like the coolest event over the weekend.

As part of the 2015 GRAPHIC Festival, Fox International Channels flagship entertainment channel FX and Foxtel, launched its socially driven #TWDonFX campaign yesterday, celebrating the launch of the sixth season of the global phenomenonThe Walking Dead. Designed to identify super fans and engage curious Sydneysiders of the series launch by creating unmatched fan experiences, the campaign kicked off with the reveal of a giant zombie hand.

 FX_The Walking Dead S6_Group shot with hand_credit Tim Levy

The 4 metre high by 2.9 metre wide ‘walker’ hand protruded eerily from the Opera Houses iconic steps, its rotting fingers enticing over approximately 5,000 victims… ahem… fans, over the weekend to join in on the Season 6 countdown which premieres today Monday 12 October at 1.30pm, express from the U.S on FX. A horde of decomposing zombies staggered on and around the Sydney Opera House steps in search of anyone with a heartbeat, terrifying delighted and excited fans.

Those lucky enough to nab tickets were treated to the special advanced screening of the first episode on Sunday, were the first people in Australia to watch the explosive extended premiere on the big screen. Super fan Kim Roberts who attended the screening said ‘We had a great time! The walkers were great. And the episode was fantastic – great start to the season!’

To add to the exclusive first taste, hordes of DEADicated fans were also treated to a complimentary Messina gelato masterpiece ‘Carls Pudding’; The cup of art designed expecially for FX and The Walking Dead, consisted of a white chocolate finger filled with white peach gel, a chocolate heart filled black current gel and a yuzu jelly brain buried in chocolate gelato and choc chip cookies soil.

Delighted fan Olivia Cho said ‘We were there, we got our pudding and took some great shots with zombies and enjoyed watching the premiere with so many like-minded fans.’ ‘Thanks FX Guys, Loved the premiere and I got my tub… AWESOMENESS!!!!’ Kara Windsor

Don’t miss the return of The Walking Dead tonight at  8.30pm AEDT on FX,