Biggest Losers Big Mistake?

Biggest Losers Big Mistake?

The contestants on The Biggest Loser last night might have made a big mistake.

 With the blue and black teams falling below the yellow line, the red team won the power to choose who would face elimination. Ali and the black team’s Johnee Auvale were the chosen two. 

While Ali’s focus throughout the competition has been to support and encourage her sisters, her main goal was to be a good role model for her seven-year-old daughter Tilly. “I want to stay here for Tilly. This isn’t about my sisters right now. I want to stay here for my daughter,” she said.

Entering the elimination room, an emotional Johnee fought back tears as he pleaded with the red and white teams to keep him safe. “Now is your chance to vote with your heart, knowing that I’m the heaviest guy on the show and that my wife is in here because she wants to have a baby. Ali has a beautiful baby to go home to. I want a beautiful baby,” he said.

Although the white team had aligned itself with the blue team, they broke the alliance by unanimously voting against Ali. Daniel Jofre added the fourth vote, sealing Ali’s fate and ending her time on TBL Families.

Ali said: “Going on TBL Families was definitely a life-changing experience. I’ve found myself, I know how strong I am and there will be no stopping me. “Shannan taught me how to train and keep fit and healthy. I’ve changed the way I look at my nutrition and the way I look at health. I don’t think anyone will recognise the new Ali when I come back for the Finale.”

Ali is optimistic about the new role she will play in her daughter’s life. “I’m going to be Super Mum for Tilly. I’m going to make her proud,” she said.

 During her time on TBL Families, Ali went from 130.2 kilograms down to 118.6 kilograms, losing a total of 11.6 kilograms or 8.9% of her body weight.

Time will tell if not voting out the heaviest contestant will come back to haunt them.