Swing-Vote Sharn’s Shock Blindside.

Swing-Vote Sharn’s Shock Blindside.

In an epic episode of Australian Survivor: All Stars, Sharn put her barrister skills to good use and pulled off a brilliant blindside.

David was left reeling after last night’s tribal council. Not only did he hear his name offered up by Sharn, but he unnecessarily played one of his two Immunity Idols to save Tarzan.

As the only one in his alliance that isn’t Team Sharn, Tarzan met with Moana and David to express his concern over Sharn’s loyalty to their alliance. Although there was a feeling of uneasiness between all three of them, Moana insisted it’s all a misunderstanding and backed Sharn’s loyalty.

On the other side of the beach, the Vakama three made up of AK, Brooke and Shonee, were confident Sharn was with them. Knowing that if she strayed there would be three votes against her on the jury, the trio were confident they were sitting in a power four. To further solidify their alliance, AK met up with Sharn and both agreed to blindside David. 

In the immunity challenge, the final seven had to keep themselves wedged between a frame divided into two zones. At various intervals they had to move between the zones. If at any point they touched the ground, they would be out of the game. 

The majority of the tribe dropped out within the first few minutes, leaving challenge king and queen, David and Brooke, to battle it out. After 75 excruciating minutes, David dropped out and Brooke won herself immunity, barely breaking a sweat. 

Back at camp, Sharn committed to both sides. She agreed with her original alliance to vote out Shonee and promised the Vakama three that they had her word to blindside David.

Feeling his head was on the chopping block, David revealed to Moana, Tarzan and Sharn that he had an Immunity Idol.

In a tension-filled tribal council, it came to a head with both sides of the alliance pleading their cases with Sharn in a last ditch effort to get her on board. 

David put his full trust into Sharn and took a massive risk by not playing his hidden Immunity Idol. 

Proving her alliance to David, Sharn sided with him to vote out Shonee, making her the 18th person to be voted out of Australian Survivor: All Stars and the fifth member of the jury.