Sweetness ends as Tully Talks and sisters evicted

Sweetness ends as Tully Talks and sisters evicted

Last Night’s eviction was a little bittersweet here’s why

BIG BROTHER’s most talked about Housemate of 2013, Tully returned to the stage to address the questions that viewers most wanted answered about her experience on the show, and since being evicted.

Thousands of questions came through from viewers via #AskTully. Asked about downplaying her relationship with Drew while in the House Tully replied, “I’ve seen a few clips here and there. In a weird way I was trying to respect my ex partner. I would have loved to go into the Diary Room and ask her what’s going on… I’m confused. I came out and realised a lot had been shown… a lot!”  “She (Tahlia) wasn’t a big fan of it (relationship with Drew),” Tully told Kruger. Things have ended since I left the house. I totally respect her decision.

“Obviously I’m ashamed. It was never my intention. The fact that I have hurt someone I care about is horrendous.”

Tully wouldn’t be drawn on whether she and Drew will resume their relationship once he leaves the house.

“I don’t know how I feel about Drew or how Drew feels about me,” she said. “When he does leave the house I’ll definitely catch up with Drew.”

Tully admitted that she had been hurt by some of the anger directed towards her on social media that that “I’ve focused on the positive stuff and tried to ignore the negative”..

The Interview was totally unnecessary and time could have been better spent giving us  a more in depth   daily show.

The other big news of the evening was the eviction of Sisters Katie and Lucy on 12.3% Mikkayla 14.4% Ed 14.4% Drew 17.1% Jade 17.6%
and Tim 24.2% The sisters gave this week’s super power to Jade.

The Intruders are not nominating and can not be nominated when they take place toniight while female intruders Boog and Madaline will face an eviction on Monday.



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