Sweetbitter Season 2 Review

Sweetbitter Season 2 Review

Last year, Stan acquired Sweetbitter, and now it’s back with a second helping – but should we take a bite again.

For those who didn’t see or may have forgotten, the first season of Sweetbitter focused on Tess (Ella Purnell,), who just had to leave her hometown and head to New York where she found a job at a high-end restaurant by Howard (Paul Sparks) Once accepted, despite having no experience or long-term goal, Tess was given a chance that has changed her.

When we pick up the story in season 2, Tess has now moved from a trial period into a full-time employee. As Tess works on a new sorting system for wine, the first episode sees the killing and gutting of a guinea pig, with Howard hoping it’ll serve as a “wake up” for his dead-eyed staff and make them consider where food actually comes from.

The series also expands its world by diving deeper into the lives of its staff in the first three episodes offered for this review. We learn more about Sasha (Daniyar), who returns to work after his suicide attempt last season. Meanwhile, Tess’s bad boy love interest Jake (Thom Sturridge) is still all dark and moody.  While her former lover Will (Evan Jonigkeit) drop a bombshell that has Tess questioning everything she thought she knew about Simone (Caitlin Fitzgerald)

Just like in the first season, the cast draw you into the world of Sweetbitter as the show serves up another dose of intoxicating adventures in New York.

4/5 Stars

Season 2 of Sweetbitter drops today on Stan with the first two episodes and will continue weekly with new episodes.