Lamington challenge reveals Top 5 MasterChefs

Lamington challenge reveals Top 5 MasterChefs

Layer cake queen Anushka Zargaryan has been eliminated from MasterChef Australia, the first to fall during Finals Week following an epic Aussie Lamington challenge set by Ashley PalmerWatts from Dinner By Heston.

The guest chef’s incredible creation was described as difficult and complex, comprising of a coconut base, chocolate biscuit, raspberry inserts, ganache, white chocolate rum mousse, chewy coconut dacquoise and raspberry and lemon myrtle sorbet.

Facing off against Tim and Nicole, Anushka battled with time throughout the four-hour cook, relying heavily on precision as opposed to speed, and failing in the end to plate a key raspberry element.

Since leaving the MasterChef kitchen, Anushka has been busy planning the launch of her cooking school, focusing on food as a creative outlet and therapy for mental health issues. She is also working on her website, Anushka’s Kitchen

Anushka’s elimination leaves just five contestants vying for top honours, and the title of MasterChef 2019 – Tessa and Nicole from QLD, Tim and Simon from VIC, and Larissa from NSW.