Survivor Tribe Shake Up

Survivor Tribe Shake Up

It was tribe swap time on tonight’s episode of Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains.

The new mix up created a new meat tray heavy Villains tribe consisting of Shaun, David, Sam, Simon, Jordie, Liz, Nina and Hayley, versus a physically weaker new Heroes tribe of Gerry, Steve, George, Ben, Paige, Shonee and Flick. The Spice Girls (George, Shonee and Liz) alliance was broken up and Jordie was devastated to still be on a tribe with Simon who found his way to the alpha males.

At the infamous Survivor Auction, Jordie won an emotional video call home to his pregnant fiancée, Sam Frost, where she revealed they were having a baby boy. George won an invitation to a Survivor party, and brought Shonee and Liz along for the ride. At the party, George won a Set For Life prize of $60,000 and Shonee found an Idol.

In a physical and mental challenge, the new super stacked Villains won, sending the new Heroes to Tribal Council.

George and Shonee decided to target Paige and recruited Steve and Gerry. Meanwhile, Paige targeted King George and gets Flick, Matt and Ben on board. The tricky part was convincing Gerry to get in on the plan, who remained on the fence.

At Tribal Council, George was gunning to get rid of Paige and Paige was gunning to get rid of George. It was a four-four split but when Shonee played her Idol for George, Paige was sent packing.


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