Intimacy Week Rollercoaster

Intimacy Week Rollercoaster

We’re halfway through Intimacy Week and the tasks set by resident sexologist Alessandra, are pushing the couples to explore their physical and emotional boundaries, resulting in some couples growing closer and other relationships unravelling detrimentally.

The week has been particularly disappointing for sex-positive Melissa as her emotional and physical connection with husband Josh has stagnated and the couple are no longer on speaking terms. As Josh jokes about the unused sex toys from Alessandra’s Sex Workshop, Melissa realises just how sexually incompatible they truly are.

Loved up couple Alyssa and Duncan have all the chemistry, but with Alyssa’s conservative Mormon background they have yet to go all the way despite Duncan’s good looks and sexual desirability. However, as they undergo Alessandra’s date and kissing tasks, Alyssa feels safe and comfortable enough with Duncan to let her guard down and finally they get to home base.

Although Jesse and Claire reconciled in the first half of Intimacy Week, the pair are still living in separate apartments, but after Jesse puts in effort by going crystal shopping with Claire and writing a list of what he appreciates about his wife, the pair are more connected than ever – they decide it’s time Jesse moves back into their apartment.

So far this week, turbulent couple Bronte and Harrison have been on rocky ground, with Bronte moved out and Harrison undergoing the Intimacy week date task alone. However, Bronte is determined to break their toxic cycle and offers an olive branch to Harrison. They agree to move forward and they connect during their eye gazing Intimacy Week task.

Power couple Melinda and Layton reveal their up and down relationship. Melinda wants more depth from Layton than their superficial bickering and this comes to a head when Layton struggles to take the eye gazing task exercise seriously. They argue and Melinda walks out with the belief that Layton isn’t making their relationship a priority. However, Layton redeems himself when he organises a dancing date for his wife Melinda who loves dancing. They bond as they move together and rekindle the connection they made during their wedding reception dance.

After an explosive Commitment Ceremony where Shannon announced he’s still in love with his ex, Shannon is coming into Intimacy Week armed with advice from the experts to put his wife first. Under instruction from Alessandra he prepares a date night to remember with all the romantic trappings – he lights candles in the shape of a love heart and serves up Caitlin’s favourite meal, a chicken parmigiana, freshly carried over from the local pub. Caitlin is ecstatic with the effort he has put in and is ready to embrace the rest of Intimacy Week and find a deeper connection with her husband.

However, their relationship takes a surprising turn during the eye gazing task with Shannon realising he’s not physically attracted to Caitlin. When Caitlin senses a shift in his demeanour, Shannon decides to deliver blow after blow of brutal honesty. He tells Caitlin she’s attractive, but not to him and that if she had blown him away at the altar, his feelings for his ex wouldn’t have surfaced. Caitlin is devastated, but she finally unleashes on Shannon, telling him that his behaviour is appalling and that she deserves more. She packs her bags and moves out, leaving an ashamed Shannon in her dust.


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