Survivor steps up the Gameplay

Last night on Australian Survivor, strategy was taken to a new level as hidden immunity idols were introduced to the game.

After saying farewell to Joan in  the Asaga tribe returned to camp divided. Luke began to emerge as a serious game player and chaos ensued as all the tribe mates began to realise that no one can be trusted.

Over at the Samatau camp, AK was on the outer after coming on too strong for his fellow camp mates. To redeem himself, he spread rumours of a fake idol and fooled a number of his peers with a piece of string and coral.

After an epic reward challenge that saw Locky lose his pants in a slip’n’slide wrestle with Mark, Samatau headed home with a set of fishing gear complete with a wooden canoe to set them up for the days ahead.

Unbeknown to the rest of the tribe, AK and Adam spotted an idol clue wedged in the corner of the boat. After a silent power play between the two, Adam secured the clue and began his search for the game-changing necklace.

Not willing to let Adam get ahead in the game with an idol, AK followed Adam to a nearby island in a bid to find the trinket himself. As AK fiercely dug all over the island, Adam returned to camp to enlist the help of his alliance. This proved to be a pivotal move that backfired when Locky and Ziggy found the remains of an idol and began to think that Adam was playing them. Little did they know that AK was also on the hunt.

At Asanga, Henry and Jacqui also found an idol clue at the water well. Wasting no time, they headed straight for it, marking the beginning of a powerful alliance.

The stakes were high in the game’s second immunity challenge, with the losing tribe forced to face another Tribal Council. Despite Samatau’s early lead, Asaga made a comeback in the last hammer throw to take the coveted win.

Back at camp, Anneliese felt threatened after struggling in the challenge and Adam scrambled to make amends for his idol mishap earlier in the day.

In an attempt to send Adam home and save himself, AK caused more chaos around camp by showing his fake idol to the tribe to prove he did not have a real one. With the rumour mill in overdrive, AK successfully turned Anneliese on Adam as the rest of the tribe struggled with their vote.

It was AK versus Adam at Samatau’s first Tribal Council and, in a strange twist, AK revealed a legitimate immunity idol and played it for Jarrad. As the votes were counted, a smug AK watched on as Adam was sent home.