Survivor steps up the gameplay

Survivor steps up the gameplay

It’s day 22, and gameplay started back up as Rachel pulled Cara and George aside. Worried they might reform a Brains alliance, Emmett hatched his own plan to flush out the Brains and keep the old Brawn members strong ahead of merge.

At the Immunity Challenge, Tribemates were tasked to work together to slide boxes and untangle ropes to release a key. From there, a giant box was pushed through a tunnel, where the key unlocked three rings to be pulled over a pole in order to release balls. Through a mud pit, the balls needed to be rolled down a narrow beam and into a shallow bowl to win.

This was where Emmett’s plan came into play, essentially throwing in the towel and putting the Brains Tribe in danger. This left Andrew to take out the win for Brawn, as he landed the final ball, sending Brains to Tribal Council once again.

While the Brains majority gathered and decided to split votes on Rachel and Laura, Rachel and Laura pleaded with George and Cara to blindside Emmett. George saw the merit and agreed to their plan of attack.

At Tribal Council, Rachel made a final, passionate case to convince the Brains to stay strong and Emmett attempted to stay on side with George and Cara, lying to them on how integral it would be to keep working together. With all cards seemingly on the table, the Tribe voted.

After a neck-and-neck battle between Laura, Emmett and Rachel, it was Rachel who was ultimately sent home by a single vote.


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