All-star coaches in awe

Tonight, the world’s biggest singing competition, The Voice, amped up the undiscovered star power as incredible performers had megastar coaches Keith Urban, Rita Ora, Guy Sebastian and Jessica Mauboy in awe, passionately pitching to secure artists to mentor. 

Tonight’s performers were:

Artist: Evile Jireh Sisifo-Laloata, 20, NSW 

Song: Fix You (Coldplay)

Chair turns: Four  

Team: Jessica

Evile’s emotional performance set the coaches competitive instincts ablaze, with Jessica and Rita both using their block button to prevent him from joining Keith or Guy’s team.  

Guy: “Your voice is just incredible… it’s unworldly, you can’t teach that it’s just pure passion.”

Jess: “Revenge is the best, he (Guy) gets it, he understands… My first block and it was greatly used.”  

Artist: Janaki Easwar, 12, VIC  

Song: Lovely (Billie Elish)

 Chair turns: Four

Team: Jessica

12-year-old Janaki’s powerful performance of a piece of Indian classical music blew the coaches away with a second standing ovation and left Jessica in tears. When Keith asked the meaning of her name, Janaki shared it meant ‘Daughter of God’ in Hindu, with the coaches agreeing it made sense alongside her heavenly voice. 

Rita: “I don’t think you have any idea how good you actually are.”

Jess: “I didn’t realise how much existed inside of me, you have that power too and I feel that. I would love to hold your hand and be your coach.”

Artist: Jordan Fuller, 19, NSW

Song:  Falling (Harry Styles)

Chair turns: Four 

Team: Guy

Jordan’s performance was a literal ‘mic drop’ moment for Rita, who jumped on stage to drop his microphone for him. His raw talent saw the coaches pitch hard for Jordan to join their team, with Guy declaring he has a special stash of songs on reserve Jordan could perform.

Guy: “What a beautiful performance that was. Your voice is so now, it’s believable and it’s effortless.”

Rita: “I can’t believe someone this young has so much soul in his voice.”

Keith: “You’re a diamond in the rough. You’re just ready to be discovered… he’s a sly fox this Guy Sebastian, you and your little secret song stash drawer.” 

Artist: Sian Fuller, 16, NSW

Song:  Bruises (Lewis Capaldi)

Chair turns: Four

Team: Rita

Sian arrived at The Voice to support her brother Jordan, but found herself on stage after host Sonia Kruger surprised her by asking if she wanted to audition. The talented teen’s offthe-cuff performance had the coaches on their feet and selling their mentor skills, all keen for Sian to join their team.   

Jessica: “I’m just so blown away that you rocked up with your fam supporting your bro and you’re now on stage. That is the most magical thing to happen.”

Keith: “It was so beautiful and pure.”

Guy: “I think it’s a miracle, literally on the same day they’ve chosen a song and then just gone in and done it, I think it shows that she’s pretty special. Wow what a family.”

Rita: “I really pitched for that one. I’m super competitive and I like the fact that I can fight for something I believe in ‘cause I’m a fighter just like everyone on my team.’

Artist: Adrian Hood, 39, VIC

Song:  1+1 (Beyoncé) 

Chair turns:  Four

Team:  Guy

After signing to P.Diddy’s record label (Bad Boy Records) in his 20s, Adrian’s music dream turned into a nightmare, seeing him move back to Australia homesick and broke. The father of four stepped onto The Voice stage to find out if he still has what it takes. The answer was a resounding yes, as all four coaches pitched to be his mentor. 

Guy: “You’re a rare gem. I mean that. I don’t say it often, you’re really special.”

Rita: “Wow have you got soul… I’m speechless”

Artist: Lozz Benson, 30, NSW

Song: That Don’t Impress Me Much (Shania Twain)

Chair turns: Three (Guy, Jess and Keith)

Team: Keith

Drummer Lozz impressed the coaches as she settled her nerves and admitted she is still discovering her voice from behind the drums.

Guy: “You’ve got a great voice.”

Keith: “For me the most important thing is not just hearing what you did, I felt what you did.”

Artist: Jemma Beech, 28, NSW

Song: All Fired Up (Pat Benatar)

Chair turns:  None

Jemma didn’t turn any chairs, with Keith admitting nerves and song choice likely got the better of her.  

Keith was moved seeing Jemma with her family after the audition, confiding to fellow coach Rita: “It touches me when I see them with the family, ‘cause that was my mum and me at so many talent quests when I would get beaten and just not place. She’d be like its ok… aww it just hurts.”


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