Survivor steps up the blindsides as Zach gets snuffed

Survivor steps up the blindsides as Zach gets snuffed

In the intricate and twisted game of Australian Survivor: All Stars, you need to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. In tonight’s episode, Jacqui finally got sweet revenge on arch rival Zach, sending him home via a perfectly executed blindside.

Yes, it seems volunteering to head to Exile Beach at last night’s Tribal Council wasn’t so much a “boss move” as a bad move for an overconfident Zach.

Tonight’s two challenges gave three of the six players that had been banished to Exile Beach an opportunity to re-enter the game. For the remaining three, it meant each of their heads were on the chopping block at Tribal Council.

Challenge one saw Zach, Jacqui, AK, Brooke, Moana and Shonee battle it out to create fire strong enough to burn through rope and erect a flag. The first winner was Moana, who was overcome by emotion. It was neck-and-neck between Zach and Brooke to take the highly-coveted second spot back into the Kalo Kalo tribe, with Brooke beating a fuming Zach by seconds.

On return to Exile Beach, social strategist Shonee wasted no time getting into game mode. Sensing Jacqui’s unhappiness from being expelled from her tribe, Shonee got to work telling Jacqui that she was at the bottom of her alliance, that no one cheered for her in the challenge and reminding her that her alliance sent her to Exile over David and Tarzan. Shonee psyched Jacqui up, encouraging her to start calling the shots.

Tonight’s second challenge saw Zach, Jacqui, AK and Shonee grasping a rope attached to a weighted sandbag for as long as possible. A self-assured Zach thought he had the challenge in the bag (quite literally) and he tried to put off a driven Jacqui with a few choice words. Unfortunately for him, his words only fuelled Jacqui to knock him off his perch, with the 53-year-old outlasting Zach and winning the final immunity.

David, Tarzan, Moana and Jacqui rallied around Zach, promising him that they had his back and would protect him in the tonight’s vote. The five-strong alliance agreed that they would split their votes on Shonee and AK and tell Brooke and AK to both vote Shonee, sending Shonee home.

Sick and tired of Zach around camp and craving a big move in the game, self-confessed “old chook” Jacqui decided it was her time to rule the roost.

Going against her set alliance, Jacqui plotted with Shonee, AK and Brooke to boot out Zach. Wanting to be transparent with her original girl pack, she relayed her blindside plan and attempted to sway Moana and Sharn.

Walking into Tribal Council, Zach was quietly confident that his alliance had his back. Unfortunately the votes didn’t fall in his favour and he was the 16th person voted out of Australian Survivor: All Stars, and the third member of the Jury.