Survivor starts to construct the jury

Survivor starts to construct the jury

The game of Survivor has well and truly shifted after the contestants began constructing the Jury

At the Reward Challenge, Jonathan offered up the biggest reward so far – a brand new MG ZS SUV. In order to win, the contestants had to brace themselves between two poles while their feet were perched on narrow footholds.

After struggling for over 100 minutes, Abbey was the last contestant standing, winning herself not only the car, but a fully catered picnic for three. Abbey chose David and John to join her in the reward where David spent the entire time strategising and making empty promises.

At the Immunity Challenge, the contestants were faced with one of Survivor’s most daunting challenges. With the sun setting and the water temperature dropping, contestants had to lie under a set of bars in the water as the tide rose and their breathing space slowly disappeared.

It was the ultimate showdown between Shaun and David, fighting it out to the last possible breath but in the end, David won immunity.

With no time to go back to camp, there was a mad scramble between the contestants to work out who to send home. Alliances and loyalties were put to the test as everyone had to ask themselves, is their biggest threat strength or strategy?

At Tribal Council, Luke was feeling nervous and kept whispering to his alliance to make sure they voted for Shaun. Not giving up without a fight, Shaun called out Luke as the most dangerous player in the game and asserted that no one could win against him.

After an intense vote, Shaun was eliminated and became the first member of Jury Villa.