Australia’s Got Talent delivers spectacular second Semi Final

Australia’s Got Talent delivers spectacular second Semi Final

Last night Australia’s Got Talent announced another two grand finalists.

CAPTAIN RUIN – Knife Thrower

Knife thrower Captain Ruin has carved out a name for himself with his thrilling, death-defying stunts.

“I am Captain Ruin, he’s not a different part of me,” he says. “It’s all part of the complicated tangle of what makes any person unique.”

Tonight, in a stunt influenced by his love of Looney Tune’s cartoons, Captain Ruin threw knives at an ever-shrinking swinging target – if he missed, an overhead piano would fall onto him, almost certainly crushing him to death.

“This is incredibly dangerous,” he said. “I’m definitely putting my life on the line to make it through to the Grand Final.”

  • Shane Jacobson: “I just want to know what the people say when you keep turning up to the same store going, ‘Can I have another piano?’ Congratulations on your inventiveness and thank you for dropping a piano from the sky, I loved it.”
  • Joel Creasey: “Look when you were describing your act at first I was like ughhh, magic and stunts, not my favourite thing. But then as the act went on I got more and more invested. Last time you risked your assistant’s life, this week you risked your own life. I am interested in what you could do next. This goes against every fibre of my being but I do think you could be Australia’s winner.”

LIL KOOKIES – Kid Dance Crew

Lil Kookies were hoping to follow in the footsteps of their older brothers and sisters, Kookies n Kream, who were AGT Grand Finalists in 2012.

The kids “train their butts off” under dance coach Jet Valencia, who pushes them really hard but only because “he wants them to reach their goals and be the best of the best”.

Tonight, the pint sized dancers aged 11-14 took flight a high energy, high-octane routine to ‘Kiss The Sky’ by Cash Cash.

  • Nicole Scherzinger: “You guys just slayed that performance! You might be little but you pack a big ole punch. Oh my gosh you guys are my new favourite little treat, seriously.”
  • Manu Feildel: “ You guys are fun, you’re funky and I want to see more.”
  • Shane: “You guys came with your A game, you came to win and you just made the competition incredibly tough for a lot of people.”
  • Lucy Durack: “It was so age appropriate to see kids dancing like kids and being awesome at it.”

Also appearing in the semis were the following acts who were unsucseful at gaining a grand final slot.

EDDIE WILLIAMS – Singing Strongman

  • Lucy: “As performers we have to come on stage and our job is kind of to make all of us out here feel something and you have got that in spades every time you step on the stage.”
  • Shane: “I said it to you in the auditions that I just think you’re the ultimate man because you have strength and muscle but you have a kindness of heart and I think that’s the best bookend to any human I can imagine.”
  • Joel: “Eddie the big teddy, I mean you made my heart feel something that normally only happens at tax time, you absolutely terrify me and I LOVE you.”
  • Nicole: “You may be a strong man warrior but you’re such a gentle giant and the voice that you have is of an angel.”



  • Nicole: “You guys are the coolest, I love how you just completely reinvented yourself and you actually look like real life dolls. Props to the makeup team because you look unbelievable, the wardrobe, the hair, the makeup… you guys would be deeply missed if you were not in the Grand Final so I think y’all deserve to be there… just saying.”
  • Joel: “I get that you’re in costumes but you generally just look like five of my mates, that’s how we dress when we go out.”


EMMA KRAUSE – Mum Comedian

  • Nicole: “I think as a woman in comedy and a mum you’re such a great, awesome, badass representation of our show.”
  • Lucy: “I feel like we’re witnessing something really special and that’s just a start of an incredible comedy career. You are excellent.”
  • Joel: “I saw your first audition and I was like, ‘I’m not sure if it has enough bite for me.’ But you tonight absolutely nailed that and I am truly, truly now a fan and cannot wait to purchase tickets to see you at the Opera House.”

PAUL KAPELERIS – Blind Singer/Pianist

  • Nicole: “What I love about you Paul is your performances are always so pure and honest and heartfelt.”
  • Shane: “Mate I’m so glad that you get to hear the applause because it’s the effect you have on people with your singing and you’ve got such a beautiful voice and we love the fact that you share it.”
  • Joel: “Paul that was so fantastic, I loved it. That was an absolute honour to watch”