Survivor sends it’s Strategist home

Survivor has revealed it’s the biggest surprise of the season so far after a  massive tribal council.

After finding the Super Idol at the end of an all-night mangrove hunt, an elated Ziggy returned to Samatau with gifts of fruit and bread for her tribemates and a new plan to win the game.  Deciding not to reveal her new-found power, Ziggy won everyone over with a convincing cover story, except the ever-curious A.K. who remained suspicious.

Meanwhile, Jonathan revealed to the two tribes that it was time to “drop your buffs” and get ready for another tribe swap. With trepidation, the 15 contestants dropped their existing buffs and hesitantly collected new ones from Jonathan, knowing that this twist would make or break their game. While most contestants remained unchanged, the fallout from the move resulted in A.K. and Peter moving to Asaga and Michelle and Anneliese switching to Samatau.


In their first reward challenge as new tribes, members from each tribe faced off one-on-one while holding an idol. The challenge was to knock the other persons’ idol from its platform while defending their own. In another tight contest, Asaga won a “taste of home” reward plus all of the items Samatau had given back previously in return for a flint.

At Samatau, Locky revelled in losing A.K. to Asaga, declaring himself on top of the world, while Anneliese believed she was walking into a nightmare returning to the tribe that previously voted her out.  Michelle was devastated at losing her top position at Asaga and Locky decided she should be the next to go.

After orchestrating Tara’s elimination – which had seen her given a second chance and sent to Asaga – A.K. was reunited at Asaga with his arch-rival. Up to his usual tricks, Luke baited A.K. to join an all-boys alliance, with the aim of eliminating Tara.

A strong Samatau tribe dominated the immunity challenge, sending Asaga to Tribal Council.

At Tribal Council, A.K. knew he was in the firing line and reminded his tribe that he was a stronger player than Tara.

Tara feared the worst and worried she would be betrayed once again thanks to A.K. The votes were read and to Tara’s relief, A.K. became the 10th contestant to be sent home from Australian Survivor.