Michael Hutchence – The Last Rockstar comes to Seven

Chanel Seven has announced its latest major in-house production, a world exclusive documentary event set to air ahead of the 20th anniversary of the death of Australian music legend Michael Hutchence.

 This is not Michael Hutchence defined by how he died but by how he lived: a brilliant musician, a brilliant man, a loving father, a true rockstar,” said Executive Producer Mark Llewellyn. “This is not a biopic treading over old territory – this will make headlines around the world. New music, new revelations, and the most beautiful home video and insights from his closest friends and family; most of whom have never spoken publicly before. “Michael left more questions than answers when he left us, and this documentary will provide those answers and much, much more.”

Michael Hutchence – The Last Rockstar is the true story of Michael, the man – the loving father of Tiger Lily and one of the greatest performers the world has ever seen.

Following an extensive, two-year Seven News investigation spanning four continents and five countries, hidden bank vaults housing Michael’s prized treasures are unlocked; his diary is opened; his final lyrics, recorded but never released, can finally be played; and for the for the first time intensely private photographs and family videos, Michael’s haunting last message, hand-written in the hotel room where he died, and his secrets are finally revealed.

And Michael’s extraordinary new songs, penned and recorded by the INXS star before his death but never heard… until now.

This is the final chapter to an extraordinary life, much of it told through incredible, never-before-seen private home videos recorded by Michael himself.

A tale of love and fame, creativity and crushing heartache, his family, girlfriends, lovers and closest friends, all reveal deeply personal memories about the Michael they love.

Michael Hutchence – The Last Rockstar is expected to air later this year on Seven