Survivor Sends another Champion Home

Survivor Sends another Champion Home

The champions alliance has crumbled and it’s only episode three so let us debrief.

Gold miner John was doing his best to lighten the mood at camp with a quick nudie run, it was a serious pack of Contenders who came to the challenge looking to take out their first reward.

A challenge of confidence and agility, the survivors ran at each other at speed through knee-high water in a race to be the first to ring the bell. Retired AFL player Shaun made quick work of his opponent, international model David, but the real glory of the challenge belonged to student Baden.

Physically outmatched by big wave surfer Ross, Baden dodged his opponent and sped to victory, helping the Contenders take out their first Reward Challenge of the season.

While the Contenders enjoyed their reward package of luxury items back at their camp, people’s champion Luke and David snuck away from the rest of their Champion tribemates in search of an idol.

Feeling the pressure of being on the bottom of the pack, Luke and David headed into the scrub armed with Luke’s idol clue. After some quick scrambling, the tribe’s two sneakiest players got their hands on the season’s first idol.

In an immunity challenge that required strategy and teamwork as much as physical strength and speed, the Champions faltered at the start when a tactic suggested by Janine, slowed them right down.

Behind the Contenders for the entire challenge, the Champions failed to catch up to their competitors, sending them back to their second Tribal Council.

The sporting alliance had Janine firmly in their sights as the one to go after her falter in the challenge, however Janine had other ideas.

Calling on the Champions to live up to their title, Janine appealed to her tribemates to vote to keep the team strong rather than just choosing someone they liked. With Ross and Abbey positioned as swinging votes, Janine’s big pitch at Tribal Council did enough to convince them to keep her, snuffing out Susie’s torch instead.