Australia’s Got Talent Sets things alight in first audtions

Australia’s Got Talent Sets things alight in first audtions

Last night Australia’s Got Talent began a new season with some surprising acts.

Blind singer/pianist Paul Kapeleris scored the first Golden Buzzer of the season, from judge Lucy Durack, after his mesmerising performance of ‘Rise Up’ by Andra Day.  This will see Paul bypass the next stage of the competition and head straight through to the semi finals.

The 22-year-old from Sydney, who was escorted onstage by his “biggest fan” mum Patty, was only six weeks old when he was diagnosed with the condition Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA). With only five percent vision, Paul is legally blind however he has never let this define him – his love and passion for music flourishing after learning to play piano when he was four.

Nicole Scherzinger: “Oh my gosh Paul, I’m crying my face off right now, you have such a beautiful gift. You’re the reason why I flew here, this is the reason why I came.”

Lucy Durack: “Paul, that was magic. You have such a magnificent voice but you sing with such honesty and heart. That was so beautiful. You gave us all a huge gift.”

Also tonight The following acts made it through to the 2nd stage of the competition.

ALEX MAGALA – Sword Swallower

Manu Feildel: “Are you mental?” Nicole: “I wanna clap, but I wanna cry… that was insane.” Shane Jacobson: “Alex that is the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been watching a piece of entertainment, so I have two things to say to you, God damn you and God that was good.”

GAVIN SEMPEL – Stand-up Comedian

Nicole: “Gavin, I’m just going to cut straight to the point. I freaking love you so hard!” Lucy: “I dropped out of law school to become a performer so I have like a kind of vested interest in you.”

TAJ FARRANT – 9yo Guitarist

Shane: “Mate you are the real deal, you play like you have been playing for like four other peoples’ lives. I don’t know what your Instagram page is but I am going to be all over you for the rest of your life.”

Manu: “I’m just kind of jealous, you’re so cool, you’re so relaxed, you play guitar like crazy, have you got a manager? Damn. Fantastic buddy.”

VOSPERTRON – Light Dancers

Shane: “Wow what a trip. No-one just slipped me something did they? That was fantastic.” Lucy: “You were like electronic dancing human fireworks.” Manu: “This is definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen so far.”


Nicole: “That is by far the most dangerous thing I’ve seen on that stage, I’m speechless. You actually risked your life up there today for us.” Shane: “That’s not an illusion, that’s just dangerous so from that point of view well done man, well done.”


Manu: “Why did you take so long to get on stage? Your voice sounded amazing.” Lucy: “There was like no end to what you can do with that voice. You are just this opera and rock goddess. Congratulations, that was amazing. Blew my mind.”

LIOZ SHEM TOV – Mentalist Comedian

Manu: “I laughed hard and my belly hurts, thank you.” Nicole: “For me it’s all in the delivery and I didn’t expect it.” Lucy: “That was freakin’ hilarious.”

PRICASSO – Portrait Artist

Nicole: “He’s literally painting it with his willy.” Lucy: “It’s a very, very good likeness.” Ricki-Lee: “You can’t see what I can see… it’s dripping with paint!” Shane: “I have so many questions.”