Survivor returns Exile Island

Survivor returns Exile Island

It was a big episode of Survivor as we enter the final stages  of the season.

Knowing that her head was on the coconut chopping block, Daisy set to work trying to create cracks in the tribe by lying to Luke, telling him there was a mole in his Champions alliance.

The King of the Jungle fell hook, line and sinker and leapt to the conclusion that the mole must be Pia. Daisy’s plan worked, leaving Luke feeling paranoid and not knowing who to trust.

At the Reward Challenge, Janine and Simon won a night at the Survivor Day Spa and took Pia and Daisy with them. While knocking back a few champagnes, Simon and Daisy told the girls that Luke is a huge threat and needs to go at the next Tribal Council.

Meanwhile, back at camp, Dirty Harry took full advantage of Luke’s newfound insecurity in the game and convinced him and Baden to blindside the Godmother, Janine.

Unfortunately for the boys, their plan went awry when Janine took out the Immunity necklace at the next challenge.

Before heading to Tribal Council, Janine decided it was not the time to put the vote on Luke, and to get rid of Daisy instead. Janine tried to convince Daisy that they were voting for Harry but Daisy knew she was being lied to.

Not giving up without a fight, Daisy tried to blow up their game and told Luke the Champions original plan was to blindside him.

With Luke’s paranoia now at an all time high, it was anyone’s guess as to whether he’d stay Champions strong and vote Daisy, or flip to the Contenders side.

At Tribal Council, Jonathan announced, to everyone’s surprise, that they would not be voting someone out of the game, but sending them to Exile Beach instead.

Unfortunately for Daisy, she was given a one way ticket to hell until further notice.