Survivor blows the game wide open with epic blindside

Tonight Survivor lost one of its biggest players in what would surely go down as one of the series best episodes.

After he had successfully manufactured the elimination of his arch rival Shaun at the previous Tribal Council, David was confident in his position at the head of the tribe.  Before the Immunity Challenge, David had advised his allies Janine, Pia and Abbey that their target for the vote was Daisy, but Pia had other ideas.

Once David was out of earshot, Pia got to work convincing her fellow tribe members that now was the time to take down the game’s hardest player. The only Survivor in the dark to her big plan was David’s closest ally, Luke.

At the Immunity Challenge, Luke took out his first individual immunity ever after digging his way to victory, which left David vulnerable to a vote.

After the challenge, David reiterated to his alliance that Daisy was to be the target of the vote, however Pia and Abbey were busy solidifying ties with the others to take a chance on a David blindside.

In a Tribal Council that delivered Oscar-worthy performances from Janine and Daisy, the tribe discussed the likely scenario that a Contender was going home.

As Jonathan LaPaglia read out the votes, David’s face went from shock to smiles as he processed that he was now the latest victim of a blindside.

With Shaun watching on gleefully from the sidelines of Jury Villa, David’s torch was snuffed out and the Golden God exited the game.