Jury Villa Returns To 10 Play.

Jury Villa Returns To 10 Play.

The Jury Villa, 10 Play’s exclusive Australian Survivor companion show, has returned this season. The digital-only show follows the journey of the final Survivor tribemates after they get eliminated and are reintroduced back into civilisation, sequestered as jury members. 

Australian Survivor’s executive producer Cathie Scott said: “This season of Australian Survivor has taken the format to a whole new level! We’re witnessing more intense and strategic gameplay, exceptional production values heightened audience engagement. With records being broken across all 10 platforms, fans are loving the show.

The Jury Villa is a great way for us to extend the Survivor storyline beyond the initial broadcast and onto our digital platform, 10 Play. It was one of the highest rated digital companion shows on 10 Play last year – particularly with our under 50s audience. I’m sure it will continue to entice and excite the Survivor fans this season.

“Like Australian Survivor, this season of The Jury Villa is set to be a must-watch. We’ve really upped the ante on the production of the show and, based on the gameplay this season, audiences can expect some pretty interesting interactions at the Villa as the castaways are voted out of the main game!”

Network 10’s general manager, digital Liz Baldwin said: “Digital extension shows on 10 Play are a fantastic way to engage fans by giving them exclusive behind the scenes insight. The Jury Villa continues our strategy to produce exclusive showadjacent content across 10’s ecosystem and I’m so pleased we were able to bring it back this year.”

Each episode of The Jury Villa is released on 10 Play immediately after Australian Survivor airs in each market.