Surprise TBL Elmination as finale approaches

With finale just one week away the TBL house was thrown a curveball with another elimination.

 The season’s biggest contestant Johnee Auvale was sent home last night. 

A tense three-part challenge saw Tony crowned the winner, earning the power to eliminate one contestant from CampTBL. The decision was not an easy one for Tony, whose family has maintained a strong alliance with the Auvale family for most of the competition. But Tony explained that with just seven contestants remaining, it was time for the Jofres to look out for themselves. With just days to go until Finale, it was Johnee’s time to leave.

While his wife Tenealle was upset about Tony’s decision, Johnee understood, telling the Jofre family: “From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys. You had the opportunity to vote us off seven times but you didn’t. You kept your word and I really appreciate that.

“The greatest thing about being in TBL Families is that I got to share it with my wife. Starting a family with Tenealle has been our biggest goal. And going through this whole process gives us the hope, strength and courage to continue the journey on the outside.”

During his time on TBL Families, Johnee went from 215.7 kilograms to 169.4 kilograms, losing a total of 46.3 kilograms or 21.46% of his body weight.

TBL Families Finale Week.begins Sunday 7.30pm on Ten.