Biggest Loser loses another contestant

Biggest Loser loses another contestant

After winning his place back at Camp TBL on Sunday, Cliff Hailwood has been eliminated from TBL Families for the second time. 

After a rollercoaster week which saw Cliff, his partner Sam Hailwood and competitor Tony Jofre win a place back in the competition, Cliff and Sam fell below the yellow line, resulting in the couple facing off in the elimination room.

In a controversial move, Cliff asked his fellow contestants to keep him in the competition rather than his partner Sam, as he is in greater need of losing weight and changing his life. While Sam supported this decision, the other contestants were less understanding.

Johnee Auvale said: “If it was me and Tenealle over there, I’d be telling everyone here to vote me out, because that’s how much I love my wife. “It doesn’t matter how heavy you are, you do everything in your power to make sure your woman is safe. That’s how we differ.”

Sam defended her partner, saying: “Cliff lost his dad because he was overweight. I love him more than anything and I’ll take this bullet for him, so [daughter] Sophia never has to go through what he went through.”

But with four votes against him, it was Cliff’s time to say farewell to Camp TBL for the second time.

Cliff said: “I’m extremely proud of Sam and myself for getting back into the competition. The most important thing I’ve learned is I can push myself further than ever expected. “The future is definitely looking so bright for Sam, myself and Sophia.”

During his time on TBL Families, Cliff went from 191 kilograms to 153.6 kilograms, losing a total of 37.4 kilograms or 19.58% of his body weight.