Surfer rides the wave to Holey Moley victory

Surfer rides the wave to Holey Moley victory
Holey Moley Australia 2020 Stills Photography By Paul A. Broben

In a night of thrills, spills and second chances, beer sales rep, avid surfer and groom-to-be, Jesse Earnshaw whitewashed the competition and earned himself a spot in the Grand Final and a chance at winning $100,000.

“I know I look like I’ve just rolled out of the surf, but I can golf. I’m going for the hole in one,” said Jesse of his plans for the upcoming Grand Final.

In the all-important final round, Jesse fiercely battled Aki Fifita and Mackenzie Pullen on Fowl Play. Aki and Mackenzie hit to the right which landed both their balls on the cranky chicken sending them into the drop zone. Jesse saw his ball go straight through the middle, just missing a hole in one, which placed him in a strong position.

Next up, the three made their way across the spinning log. Aki and Mackenzie both slipped off, landing in the tar and feather pit. With his surfer’s balance holding him in good stead, Jesse ran across the log, making him the first competitor in the series to do so. With Jesse’s ball laying just shy of the hole, any easy tap in saw him take the win.

As Jesse received the golden putter and put on his winning jacket, his fiancé Kendra leapt into his arms from the crowd, with Jesse declaring, “we are getting married in this jacket”.