An UnbeReefable Challenge!

An UnbeReefable Challenge!

The sixth leg of The Amazing Race Australia saw the teams converge on the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef.

The Dancing Exes were handed the Sabotage which saw them wearing goggles and snorkels for the whole leg. And while it may sound easy, being in North Queensland saw the goggles keep the water out and the sweat in. The Daughter and Dad won the Salvage and scored themselves the next best thing to Siri: their very own island guide.

First up, was a Detour – Restoration or Rehabilitation. In Restoration, teams had to swim into a submerged scuba doo, or as we like to call it, ‘the tank of terror’, and count baby coral. In Rehabilitation, teams helped care for sea turtles, clean their tank and feed them a fishy lunch.

The underwater world of The Great Barrier Reef is a dream, but if you are experiencing it from a scuba doo, it’s a claustrophobe’s worst nightmare. Enter Jackson, one half of The Cowboys, who after suffering a panic attack in the scuba doo, and with the clock ticking, decided to pull up stumps and change Detours.

With the Rehabilitation Detour at full capacity, The Besties, Sefa and Jess, decided against waiting and headed for Restoration. With a lifelong fear of being underwater, Jess conquered her fears and counted that coral like she was the new age Little Mermaid.

The next challenge saw the teams travel over to beautiful Green Island. Tasked with finding five bottles with messages hidden inside, using only a simple treasure map to guide them, these messages were then used to get teams to a glass recycling plant where they received their next clue – the location of the Pit Stop.


The Daughter and Dad had our hearts racing when Rani struggled to stay afloat in the ocean, while attempting to retrieve an underwater bottle and had to be rescued.


After an old-fashioned foot race along the beach that would have made Pamela Anderson proud, The Besties were looking good to reach the Pit Stop first, but were overtaken by The Siblings just metres from the mat.


Sadly, our hero Dad, Rani and his incredible Daughter, Jobelle arrived last and were eliminated from the Race.