Supernatural Resumes

Everybody’s favourite supernatural fighters return to Australian screens from Monday. It Returns with the 9th episode of season 8   CITIZEN FANG which screened in the US in December

When a human body is found drained in Lousiana, Sam is suspicious Dean’s vampire friend
Benny is to blame. Though he’s meant to be a reformed vamp, Sam sends his hunter friend Martin off to keep an eye on him. When Dean finds out about the body, he pleads with Sam to back off
until he’s spoken with Benny and given him a chance to prove his innocence.
Benny explains to Dean there’s another vampire in town doing the damage, but will he be able to
convince both the Winchesters of his innocence? Before this episode is over, someone’s blood is
on the wall

Thanks to Courtney Lewdon for the synopsis appreciate it


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