American Horror Story Asylum

American Horror Story Asylum

Just days after it ends in the US Eleven returns American Horror Story.  The second season of the anthology series is set in an asylum.

Back for another chilling series, American Horror  Story takes us on a ride into the unusual, unnatural,  and unexpected. Though there are a few familiar faces nothing remains the same as the last time around.  The divine Jessica Lange returns, heading up an  all-star cast that includes James Cromwell, Zachary Quinto, Joseph Fiennes, Chloe Sevigny and Adam Levine

Set in 1964, a notorious serial killer known as Bloody Face is committed to the church-run sanitarium Briarcliff Manor. Reporter Lana Walker arrives to interview the asylum’s head nun, Sister Jude (Lange), but  is secretly hoping for a story on Bloody Face. As Lana  investigates, Sister Jude is in turn investigating Dr  Arthur Arden, head of the medical wing. As patients  mysteriously vanish, Lana quickly finds herself in over her head.

Having seen the episode Jessica Lange was robbed of her Golden Globe

American Horror Story Asylum starts Monday 9:30 pm on Eleven

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