Sunday Night September 14

This weekend Sunday Night there is female jockeys, Rod Stewart and a new dieting technique.

A Fast Way to Live Longer and Be Smarter
No scam, no bull, no fad: to lose weight, live longer and be smarter takes just three minutes a week – and is free! It sounds too good to be true, but cutting edge science is now proving one very clever man’s theory does provide a solution to one of the modern world’s biggest problems – obesity. In this very special report, Sunday Night investigator Ross Coulthart travels to the heart of the English countryside to meet that remarkable man. When father of three Michael Mosley, who went to medical school and later became a science presenter for the BBC, was told by his doctor he was a diabetic it came as big wake up call. He used all his intellect and research skills to go in search of an answer, and what he found – and filmed – is both astonishing and exciting for us all. He called it the 5:2 diet, and his book sold millions of copies around the world. But that’s only the beginning of the story. Modern science has discovered that fasting like cavemen had to endure – regularly going without all but minimal food – has other extraordinary spin-off health benefits. Dangerously high blood sugar levels return to normal and fasting decreases the risk of dementia in mice, and scientists believe will do the same in humans as well. Ross takes on the Mosley challenge and his results will make you challenge everything you thought you knew about exercise – and how much you need to do.

Ladies of the Track
It’s officially the most dangerous job in Australia today – and in a few years more than 80 per cent of people doing it for a living will be women. Several times a day they climb into position and put everything on the line to do what they love – riding racehorses. They are dedicated and courageous, and many of them are young mums. They’re the rising stars in the Sport of Kings and the rewards for the winners are huge – but the risks should they fall from the saddle are significant. In this eye-opening investigation, on the eve of the Spring Carnival season, reporter Denham Hitchcock tells the stories of three young female jockeys who fell on race day. We meet one of the toughest and most ambitious female jockeys in the industry. Just 19-years old and weighing in at around 50kg, she is a pint-sized bundle of determination and has her crosshairs set on the prestigious Melbourne Cup. But this is a profession more treacherous than boxing or motorcycle racing, with about 90 per cent of all jockeys suffering a fall under thundering hooves at least once in their careers. We see just what that can cost a rider – and their family. Don’t miss this incredible insight into the ladies of the racetrack.

Tonight’s the Night: Rod Stewart Unplugged
Scotland votes soon on whether to become independent. Possibly the best known and proudest Scot of all – though he was born in London – has always been his own man. Rod Stewart has been a superstar for more than five decades. In that time he’s had three wives, fathered eight children and racked up 47 top ten hits. A few days ago in Los Angeles, rockin’ Rod sat down with reporter Mike Willesee for a very special, intimate and revealing interview. Rod doesn’t hold anything back anymore, and when he’s got something to share like he did in this interview then it’s well worth a listen. From his admission about his roving eye for a beautiful woman, to his confession that he could fall in love easily but could never end a relationship well, this is a side to the musician that is rarely seen. His music is timeless, and Rod even plays a few of his greatest known hits for Sunday Night. He’s still got it, he still flaunts it, but how much longer Rod will keep on rockin’ is something of a mystery. A little bit of that mystery he reveals in this special event.

8:15 PM Sunday on Seven.