60 Minutes September 14

60 Minutes September 14

60 Minutes this week has sharks, the dark side of the Web and the Birdsville Cup.

The Great White
Just as we start lifting our gaze towards summer, we’re confronted with the chilling news of another fatal shark attack. When 50 year old Paul Wilcox was taken by a great white shark off Byron Bay this week, he became the fourth confirmed shark fatality in Australian waters in just 12 months. It seems shark attacks are becoming more frequent – and this latest incident, being at one of the country’s most iconic beaches, makes it all the more confronting. But a leading group of shark researchers believe we might have it wrong when it comes to sharks, especially great whites. And they’re going to extraordinary lengths to prove it. This Sunday they take Allison Langdon on the dive of her life. Face to face with a great white shark, outside the cage, and totally exposed.
Reporter: Allison Langdon
Producer: Nick Greenaway

The Dark Web
This Sunday, we’ll take you into a world you probably never knew existed. It’s called the Dark Web, and it accounts for 90 per cent of the internet. It’s easy to find, and once you’re there, you can get whatever you want – drugs, weapons, even order a hitman. Scarier still, it’s totally untraceable. It’s the new place Australian teenagers are buying drugs and, as you’ll see, for some it has deadly consequences. 60 Minutes delves into this subterranean realm, as the F-B-I hunt for one of its masterminds.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producers: Stephen Rice, Grace Tobin

Long before cricket, rugby league or Aussie Rules became the collective obsession of the nation, one sport reigned supreme. Horse racing was our first national sport. In fact, a settlement couldn’t be called a “town” unless it had a racetrack. These days many of those country tracks have closed but not in Birdsville, in outback Queensland. For more than 130 years they have staged and run the Birdsville Cup. It may not stop the nation, but this day of boozing, brawling and betting – certainly echoes across the outback.
Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: Nick Greenaway

8pm Sunday on Nine.