Sunday Night October 25

Sunday Night October 25

This weekend Sunday Night has two very different stories for our viewing pleasure.


It’s been a long and deeply painful wait for action and answers to one of Australia’s most baffling and enduring mysteries: what happened to model and bride-to-be Lucille Butterworth? Her heartbroken partner and loving brothers are hoping today’s sophisticated, thorough and dedicated police work will overcome the appallingly sloppy and inept police work of the past that saw Lucille dismissed as a runaway, compelling leads left unpursued and vital clues ignored. In this powerful and revealing investigation, Sunday Night’s Mike Willesee follows the trails ignored or rejected by Tasmanian police after Lucille went missing from a bus stop outside Hobart in 1969. Sunday Night has gathered new information and new accounts from key characters – including some who haven’t spoken publicly before – that gives compelling perspective on this coldest of cases. As a major coronial investigation of the case probes the errors of the past and identifies a key person of interest, Lucille’s family and friends are hoping that finally their agony will end, her body will be found and her killer brought to justice.


It’s a desperate and lawless place where all the rules have been shown the door – along with the guards – because, in Bolivia’s seething San Pedro prison, the prisoners are in charge. And yet here you’ll find mums and their children living alongside murderers, rapists, and drug runners, inmates buying and selling their simple cells or comfy apartments, aspirational neighbourhoods, even dozens of restaurants and shops.

Sunday Night’s Denham Hitchcock enters this extraordinary upside down world where cocaine labs churn out product, the prisoners meter out a code of criminal justice and where kids play video games and come and go to school. Sunday Night films secretly inside the prison as Australian author Rusty Young

braves the scenes of his worldwide best-seller, Marching Powder. Rusty’s book shined a light on thishidden netherworld and while he’s certain the publicity it generated did some good, he’s sure he’s made some enemies which makes his return visit dangerous and uncertain. The Bolivian government has threatened to close down this prison in the heart of the capital La Paz, but still it seethes and thrives with a prison population of 3000 fighting for space in a facility originally intended to house a few hundred. This is a stunning, tense tour of a hidden society. Forget everything you’ve ever learned or assumed about life inside jail.

7 pm Sunday on Seven